Monetizing my photographs


My passion for photography has allowed me to take some good photos over the years. As I have built on my knowledge around the technical aspects using light to create good captures and also how to make them even look greater with post processing, I feel there are opportunities to share my work with the world.

Whilst there are many more expert and profesional photographers out there, I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So if someone enjoy and appreciate my captures, thats first price for me.

I recently started exploring converting some of my better captures in to digital photo art. Below are some of my final products for you to enjoy. I appreciate any feedback that will help me to improve my art and photographic skills.

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If you are interested in buying a print of my work you can do so at:



Your comments and feedback is welcomed.

You be the judge……

Aerial Photography, Lightroom Processing, Photographic Passion
I recently decided to use my drone exclusively for aerial photography and that I’ll only shoot videos on request or for the fun of it. Editing video work takes a lot of time and effort.
Below is a photo shoot I have done of one of my favorite hotels in Rustenburg, North West Province in Sourth Africa, The Protea Hunters Rest Hotel.
I arrived late at the hotel one winter afternoon, as the sun was setting behind the hill and lighting was a challenge. I decided to shoot 5 auto exposure bracketed (AEB) captures with a view of creating an HDR (High Dynamic Range) photo. I think it turned out well. You be the judge and leave me some comments.


The 5 RAW photos at different exposures


HDR photo created and post processed in Lightroom
Hunters Rest HDR - Front View-6
Let me know what you think. All constructive criticism is welcomed. Thanks

Challenge yourself, and you’ll be surprised!

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I have been taking photographs for years but never really took time to truly understand the art of photography.

That changed in January 2018 and I committed to immerse myself in learning the fundamentals of photography (which in fact means “writing with light”). I have seen the improvement in my work  week by week as I exposed myself to the theory and practical exercises.

Today I finally completed an Advanced Diploma in Photography and what a journey it was.  It is now up to me to ensure that this learning stays relevant by constantly looking for new opportunities to practice this art of photography and continuously looking for new opportunities to learn.

Advanced Dip

I have registered for so many online tutorials that I at times cannot keep track, but I know that no one has the total ownership of wisdom and that I can learn from anybody who puts their knowledge and experience out there.  The internet has now become my university.

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.”
— Chinese Proverb

My City, Joburg | New Photographic Project


Like with any job, career, past time or hobby, I have learnt that it is important to look for opportunities to constantly hone your skills.  I’m currently busy with a number of projects to keep me focused and motivated to continually go out shoot some photos.

Below are just some of the projects I’m busy with:

My early captures for my latest Project | My City – Joburg (formally known as Johannesburg)

Click on individual pics to open.

Maluti Mountains - Aerial View

Golden Gate & Lesotho – Photographic Tour

Aerial Photography, Landscapes, Mountains, Photographic Passion, Travel
Maluti Mountains - Aerial View

Road over the Maluti Mountains

A few weeks ago I embarked on a photographic trip to the picturesque region of Eastern Free State and Lesotho.

I visited a number of interesting areas like the little touristy town called Clarens, Golden Gate National Park and traveled up the Moteng Pass in Lesotho.

My base was a quiet little town, Fouriesburg, which is not too far from the very busy touristy town, Clarens.  I must admit I enjoyed the tranquility of  Fouriesburg about 36 kilometers away from the husle and bussle of Clarens, the tourist destination in the Eastern Free State.

I stayed at a very humble  but pleasant Guest House, called Rustica Accommodation. The host is a tour guide and part time photographer and he pointed me to some interesting photographic sites that he thought I would find interesting and enjoy, since I expressed particularly interest in capturing landscapes that weekend.

However, it turned out to be more than landscape photography as you can see from some of the photos below.  I also had my DJI Phantom 4 drone with me with the objective to capture some aerial landscapes.  Wow! it worked out very well.


Below are some of my favorite captures:   (Click on single images to fully appreciate – Enjoy)

Dutch Reform (Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk) Church, Reitz Street, Fouriesburg, Free State  


Community Hall -Fouriesburg (Built from Sandstone)


Garden Landscaping at a house in Maluti Street, Fouriesburg

Golden Gate-11Golden Gate-13Golden Gate-10Golden Gate-9


Maluti Mountains – Rural Road in Eastern Free State


Moteng Mountain Pass – Lesotho


Golden Gate National Park


Other Favorites captured along the way


I have just completed my website to sell my images, canvas and framed prints to South African visitors to my website.  To visit this website click on my logo below. I have also provided my alternate website with FineArt America for international visitors from all over the world.

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A Sacred Place – Motouleng Caves

Landscapes, Mountains, Photographic Passion, Travel
With my recent photographic trip to the Eastern Free State I decided to visit the Motouleng Heritage Site just outside Clarens and Fouriesburg, on the advice of a local tour guide. To get to this site you travel along the R711 road (between Fouriesburg & Clarens) and take a dirt turnoff road down the mountainside, right at Surrender Hill, another heritage site.
The Motouleng Caves has one of the largest rock overhangs in the Southern Hemisphere and is home to many sangomas, or traditional healers. Locals flock to the caves to meet with them and often end up calling this sacred spot home for the time being. The caves are also known as the Fertility Caves, as it’s a pilgrimage destination for women hoping to get pregnant. It’s a short walk along the Caledon River to reach the caves and although entering is free, the locals made me pay a small fee of R20 (Twenty Rand) to enter the gates at the cultural site.
I was not too sure what to expect, but on arrival I became overwhelmed by the large number of sangomas at the area where you enter into the cave area. I immediately sensed that this was a very sacred place and out of respect I limited myself in terms of the subjects I wish to capture at the heritage site. I also did not feel it was appropriate for my to elicit permission to take photos of the sangomas when they are busy with and preparing for special cultural rituals.
I hope to go back some day, hopefully when it is quiet, as I missed out on some beautiful landscape photo opportunities. Below are a few of the photos I have taken from the surrounding areas on the heritage site, but away from the caves.
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Click on images to open slideshow to fully appreciate. Enjoy!


Where to from here?

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Over the past few months I have been absorbed in my efforts to improve my photography and I’m almost done with my Advanced Diploma in Photography.  Focusing on self improvement can be very time consuming, to the extent where socializing with family in friends takes a back seat.

For me its is a worthwhile pursuit and I trust I will be able to tell and share better stories around the table or over a few pints of beer. Photography allows you the opportunity to have a very different perspective of everyday life.

I constantly question myself, what am I going to do with the new improved skill, knowledge and the hundreds of photographs I have taken?

Klipriver Pano-Blog.jpg

Voila!, in trying to respond to this nagging question, it came to me that I should avail my work to the world  to appreciate and the rest will take care of itself.

Recognition of my work is more important than the money to be made by marketing and selling it. By getting people to buy prints of my work, even at a marginal cost, is an indication that it is being appreciated and valued. 

In looking for avenues just to get my work out there, I started entering photography contests, presenting my work to galleries and I was pleasantly surprised by the results, although I have only been at this for a month or two.

Below is a snapshot of the exposure I have been receiving on a very reputable online photo platform,, since I have joined in early March 2018:

  • Number of photos in my portfolio = 65
  • Number of Likes (Affections) = 4203
  • Number views = 24,726
  • Number of fellow members / photographers following my Portfolio = 163

Screenshot 2018-04-25 18.41.09

I’m also presenting my work on various platforms such as:

(click on URL’s above to visit my portfolios)

Super Proud !!

Earlier this week I received an email that had me over the moon, informing me that one of my photos have been selected to be part of an Landscape Photo Exhibition at a Gallery in Athens, Greece from the 1st to 14th June 2018.  Below is the photo selected by the curators to be exhibited.

 Ray-Erens4-Hi Res (2)

I have also started processing my photos into photo art and the objective is to market them to a Worldwide audience. The very first website that I found to be excellent in terms of functionality in presenting artists / photographers’ work and products  is (click on the link to get a taste of what my Worldwide store will be like).

The shipping costs from the US makes the above online store an unattractive option for potential South African buyers.  I’m currently exploring opportunities on how I could use local printing capabilities to avail my work at more reasonable cost to those who are interested in getting Canvas and/or Framed Prints of my work. To stay updated please ensure you follow my blog.

I will strongly recommend to anyone who is passionate about a past time, vocation or any hobby they wish to pursuit, to do it with passion and determination. Be sure what it is you wish to achieve in this pursuit and constantly “sharpen your saw” to ensure your satisfaction and the attainment of the results you wish for yourself.

It would be very interesting to get comments from other novice and experienced photographers on how they best use their hobby and skills for personal enrichment and fulfilment.  Please feel free to leave your comments below.


Next Blog:   My Photographic Trip to Golden Gate National Park, Clarens & Lesotho, The Mountain Kingdom.

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Panorama Route, South Africa

Aerial Photography, Photographic Passion, Travel

Over the recent Easter weekend I decided to travel to one of South Africa’s most scenic regions known as the Lowveld in Mpumalanga Province.  To get the best out of this experience I decided to travel the Panorama Route.

The purpose of my outing was primarily to explore the best possible photographic opportunities and sharpening my landscape photographic skills.

The following capture is a single photo taken from the most popular viewpoint along the Blyde River Canyon.




The photograph below is a panoramic picture consisting 5 different photos that was post-processed in Adobe Lightroom. This photo is also currently trending as my most liked picture in my gallery on



A few of the many other interesting landmarks and natural attractions along this route can be viewed below:

Bourke’s Luck Potholes


The Gorge, Graskop



Berlin Waterfalls



Lisbon Waterfalls



Pelgrim’s Rest, an old Gold Mining Town.


To view some of my other work please feel free to visit my website at www.Rayza.Photography